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Tupac's Family

Mother: Afeni Shakur
Tupac was very close to his mother Afeni and expressed his feelings towards her in 'Dear Mama' and 'Mama's Just A Little Girl'. Afeni now controls Amaru Records which handles all Tupac's work. Afeni was a member of the Black Panthers and served time in prison while pregnant with Tupac. Whatever troubles were present in the upbringing of Tupac, which included Afeni being a crack addict Tupac was devoted to his mother and consistently praised her. These days Afeni handles Tupac's estate and in recent years has released many unreleased tracks and footage of Tupac's over multiple albums.
Biological Father: Billy Garland

Billy Garland didn't play an active father figure role in Tupac's life, Tupac himself believed at one time that his father was dead. Billy reestablished connections with Tupac when he visited him in hospital after the 1994 shooting. Billy claimed that Biggie approached him at the hospital while visiting Tupac, he believed that Biggie wasn't involved in the shooting . Billy now lives with his family on the out skirts of New York.
Step Father: Mutulu Shakur

Mutulu is currently serving a 60 year prison sentence for his alleged involvement in 1981 armored car robbery which caused 3 deaths. Mutulu was locked up when Tupac was only 11 years old, some believe his imprisonment is part of an FBI interest to disrupt the lives of political figures.
Godfather: Geronimo Pratt

Black Panther member Geronimo Pratt was Tupac's Godfather, he served time in prison for murder which he was later proved innocent and released.
Sister: Sekiywa Shakur

Sekiywa is Tupac's younger sister, Tupac in one interview mentioned that Sekiywa was his biggest critic and a really funny person. Sekiywa told how when she was younger Tupac would look after her in a true big brother role which was almost maternal.
Step Brother: Maurice Harding (Mopreme)

Step brother and fellow Thug Life member Mopreme, featured on numerous Tupac tracks. Mopreme found it hard to continue his relationship with Tupac when Tupac joined Deathrow, Apparently Suge Knight played a big part in keeping them apart. Mopreme is said to have been giving a pretty hard time by Deathrow and sometimes had been in positions which was described as humiliating. Mopreme never quite reached the same heights as Tupac in Hip Hop but continues to work with music today.
Half Brother: Yafeu Fula (Kadafi)

Outlawz Member and half brother, Yafeu appeared on a handful of Tupac tracks. Yafeu was found dead on November the 10th 1996 .. he was only 19 years of age. Much can be said about Kadafi usually Tupac fans will comment on how he was the most talented individual in the Outlawz after Tupac. One can only wonder what would have lied in store for Kadafi if he had not passed at such a young age. Kadafi was virtually the only person from Tupac's entourage who was willing to cooperate with police over Tupac's murder.
Cousin: Katari Cox (Kastro)

Cousin of Tupac and Outlawz member, Katari appears on many tracks with Tupac and continues to be a member of the Outlawz.
Kastro was present on the night Tupac was fatally wounded in the drive by shooting in Las Vegas, he was in the car behind Tupac's with other members of the Outlawz.
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