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Last Pictures
Below are a collection of pictures taken on the day/ night Tupac was shot in Las Vegas. I thought it would be worthwhile to categorize these pictures for interest's sake. Picture are show in no particular time scale order.
Above is the famous last ever known picture taken of Tupac alive, it shows Tupac staring out of the black BMW reportedly minutes before he was fatally wounded in the shooting. Suge Knight CEO of Deathrow Records can be seen driving the car, theories circulated about Suge organizing the hit on Tupac. But this picture shows how close Suge would have been to the bullets fired, would he have put his own life on the line for the hit?
Tupac with a fan in the hotel car park which was taken minutes before he started his journey to Club 662 in the BMW.
This picture was said to have been taken in the hours running up to the start of the Tyson fight, Tupac's new medallion for his future company Euphanasia can be seen around his neck, it's logo is the angel of death.
The above picture was taken after the Tyson fight had ended, Tupac can be seen wearing the same attire as seen in the picture above. Suge Knight is also present in which they were said to be waiting for Tyson but eventually left moments after.
Above is definitely one of the last pictures of Tupac, it shows Tupac in the car park of his hotel socializing with some 'groupies', Tupac can be seen wearing the same green vest he was wearing in the last picture taken of him (shown as the first picture on this page).
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