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Tupac's Tattoo's
Tupac had very recogniseable and unique tattoos, below we explain these tattoo's.
Makaveli his alias on the right side of his neck seen here and also here.

Skull and word Westside situated on his right arm.

Queen Neferetete on his right pectorial.

2PAC his first tattoo of his name.

Panther head situated on his upper left arm is connected to his mothers affiliation with the Black Panthers.

Jesus head on a burning cross with words 'Only God Can Judge Me' on his lower left arm. Trust Nobody wrote on left inner arm.

50 Niggaz - AK-47 middle of torse represents a person in every state.

OUTLAW written down the left arm.

THUGLIFE situated accross his stomach.

Skull with Heartless written above and My only fear of death is coming back reincarnated written below on lower right arm.

NOTORIOUS written down right arm
Crown with BOSS PLAYAZ written underneath situated on the back of his neck.

Fuck The World written accross the top of his back.

Cross with Exodus 18:31 written in the center is situated in the center of his back.

Smile Now written below a happy face mask left side of lower back. Cry Later written below a sad face mask lower right of back.

MOB written under his right arm.

BALLIN written across the bottom of his back.
More Pictures of Tupac's Tattoo's
Front Tatt's
Click image to open full size image in new window.
Trust Nobody
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